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Aventoro Capital

Remember when apps were new?  I've had a "smart phone" since 2006, starting with a Treo 680 (which still holds a place in my techno lust drawer of fame). At the time building apps was the hot new thing I was freshly transplanted to Vancouver and met a VC company that wanted to build a mobile payment system using QR codes and stored value cards. The idea was awesome. My job was to figure out how to make it look good, be exciting and easy to use.  We spent a lot of time looking at how users might interact with the service and what needs they would have. This was not my first UI and UX project, but it was my first where it was the primary focus. A new love was found and with my designs in hand, we went off to present the app.  While Aventoro did not get the funding it was seeking for the project, they sure did look good doing it.